Why not on a Friday – dreamers, part-timers, students, homemakers, tourist etc etc ! We look forward to seeing you with less crowds and more tranquility for a weekend outing !!!

Everyone ready for a very scenic ride above Lecco? We start from the suburb of Rancio and along a stepped path we pass the well-known Medale Horn climbing gym. We catch our breath a bit as we begin to see the view and finally reach the little church of Carmine high above’ the town ( absolutely a must do again in the evening too !).

From there on the coast we take it easy to the Piazza refuge run by the Rancio Alpine Group ( WARNING ! it is open only on Sundays and Wednesdays). Next to it is a small red-colored church with 14th-century origins-so much spirituality on these mountains!

For the more daring or the fitter we can climb up to the spectacular St. Martin’s Cross. We then return by a partly looped route.

Elevation gain 450 m km 5 (With ascent to San Martino elevation gain 700 km 6 approx.). Meet 10 am at Bione Lecco parking lot, From there we consolidate cars to go to the hamlet of Rancio di Lecco ( parking lots scarce) in about 15 minutes

EQUIPMENT: hiking boots, backpack with water bottle, appropriate clothing for the weather . PACKED LUNCH .

Cost 20 € Reservations and Info. LEO 3773074350 Leolovati67@gmail.com