Winter is coming to an end, but let’s enjoy some more of the white mantle in this mythical place.

Alpe Devero with its wide spaces enclosed in the mountains, its wooden huts, the larch trees, the stream, the villages in the midst of the snow.

An unhurried walk up and down the bianch paths, passing through Crampiolo and Corte d’Ardui.

Elevation gain 200 m km 6 approx. Meet at Alpe Devero parking lot 9:30 am.   (Parking cost 10 €) ATTENTION!  FOR THOSE WHO WANT WE CONSOLIDATE CARS IN GALLARATE 8.45 AM APPROX. DETAILS FOR PARTICIPANTS WILL FOLLOW

EQUIPMENT: high boots, heavy clothing with gloves and hat , backpack, hot tea. PACKED LUNCH .      You may need snowshoes or crampons, in case we will notify you and we can rent them for 10 €. 

Cost 20 € Reservations and Info.        LEO 3773074350