Long days in June, ideal for this extensive hike in the heart of the Alto Lario, from Garzeno to the San Jorio pass

Leading you on this challenging climb is Emanuele, a young guide who knows these places very well!

The most interesting places we will touch:

– Rifugio Giovo: it was a Finance barracks from 1870 to 1976. Many smuggling incidents took place in the surrounding area.

The Masuns: rural buildings, consisting of a stable on the ground floor and a leaf store in the attic. The very sloping roof is covered with thatch. Very few remain, and it is interesting to discover them

– The Quang Shrine: inaugurated in 1947 so that devotion could keep away the scourge of the war that ended a few years ago.

– The Albano Valley: which became a local park of supra-municipal interest (PLIS) in 2005. Nature here unfolds a very rich fauna. As you walk along it, you have a splendid view of the northern side of the Bregagno ridge. From the Giovo Pass, the view then opens out over the San Jorio Valley and then the upper lake and Valtellina.

– The San Jorio Pass: on the border with Switzerland, a place of passage for smugglers. There is a small church of medieval construction dedicated to S. Jorio, a hermit saint. On a clear day, the view sweeps from the Swiss Alps to Monte Rosa and the Matterhorn.

Rifugio S.Jorio: run by the ‘Waliki’ association, part of the Operazione Mato Grosso movement, a movement of volunteers who have been working for free since 1967 to help the people of Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru. The proceeds from its management are donated entirely to their needs.


DEGREE: 1 ,200 m approx. LENGTH: 22 km approx. LUNCH IN THE REFUGE
DIFFICULTY: we climb along fairly easy paths and along an old military road

EQUIPMENT: hiking boots, backpack with water bottle, clothing suitable for the weather

MEETING POINT: 8.30 a.m. in Dongo (CO) IN THE PARK NEXT TO THE IPERAL. This is the reference on Maps: https://maps.app.goo.gl/StvCT2yr4sPEMgjU6. From there we compact the cars to drive the last 20 minutes along the mountain road to Quansc in Garzeno.

COST: 20 € + extra: cost of lunch at the refuge


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