Evening Walk along & in the lake, dinner & night swim

Piedi in Acqua!


Meeting: 5:30 pm at Leopardi Primary School , Via Giacomo Leopardi, 9, 23868 Valmadrera LC.

With a few cars we continue to Onno, where we park (2€ parking 6-8 pm, or if we find free parking).

We walk along the Beaches for just over 2km. In a few places we will have to get our feet and legs wet as we enter the lake. Along the way we stop for a swim.

Around 7:30 p.m. we reach the Beach where we will spend the evening.  Bath and then Dinner:

Rice Salad, Potato Salad, Veg Cold Pasta, Homemade Bread Beers, Wine, Water, Coffee

Let’s stay on the Beach x more Bathing, Laughter with friends. If there is a chance we will light a small fire.

Between 9:30 p.m. and 10 p.m. the drivers return to the cars (about 40 min.) and come to pick up the others. We make arrangements in the evening if anyone would like to stay longer on the beach.


-Flats or flip-flops are not allowed, you will be walking on loose rocks and cliffs.

-The ideal footwear for this hike is:

1 River Sandals

2 Hiking Shoes (or Sneakers) to be worn even in the water. Dry shoes you give us at the meeting point and we have it delivered to the beach where we dine

3 Closed sandals (with Velcro laces or similar)

4 Rock shoes

5 Hiking Shoes on rocky beaches and Barefoot in the water (beware that certain stones in moss-covered water are slippery)

-Lake towel, Mat or Blanket, something to put under your butt during dinner on the beach.

-Light for the night , essential for those who drive and must return to retrieve cars.

x Those who participate in trash collection along the way, a gift of a 0.5l Aluminum Water Bottle. Sack and Gloves provided by the organization
Whatsapp/Tel. Gabriele: 3287745508

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