TOC Genzianella 3 dicembre

The meeting is at 10 a.m. at Ristorante Genzianella in the locality of San Primo, municipality of Bellagio.

We then take a walk of about 4 km for 200 m of elevation gain on dirt road and path, until we overlook the western branch of the Lario, just above Tremezzina with the famous Ville Balbianello and Carlotta.

We will then visit some places that tell us about the local history: the “Grande Albergo Parco Monte San Primo” then Bonomelli colony, the peculiar little church of San Filippo and San Giacomo, the beautiful huts of Alpe delle Ville and more.
And at 1 p.m. … legs under the table! for the “Toc” that only the bellagini know how to make.
Ingredients: polenta, butter and cheese, but the recipe and how it is prepared is a story to be discovered.
MENU.  In addition to the Toc that you eat with your hands we will have: local salami, missoltini, boiled chicken, the regel with the typical dessert “Miascia,” wine water and coffee.
We will eat and. you learn about a still little-known tradition.   Excursion cost € 17 plus lunch € 28 to be paid locally


To confirm your attendance make a transfer of € 17 to Leonardo Lovati (in the Reason the date of the event) to IBAN:

IT55I0760110900001023248816 (Copy/Paste recommended)

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