A round trip between the lake and the mountain in beautiful Tremezzina, discovering a Romanesque jewel hidden in the forest . We start practically from the lake and walk along the chapels of Sacro Monte di Lenno to reach the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Soccorso, a Unesco heritage site.

The climb’ becomes steeper through meadows and pastures before entering a dense forest traversed by wet streams, we calmly reach the highest point of the route to admire a unique church, at least for its location.

We then return along a scenic cartroad that will lead us back to the village of Lenno, giving us new glimpses of the most romantic stretch of the Lario.

Height difference 650 m, km 9 approx. walking time 3.50 hrs.

Meeting in Como 9 am at the bar of the supermarket Gran Mercato Tavernola COMO, (from there consolidating cars to reach in about half an hour the village of Lenno)

Cost €20.  Reservations and Info. LEO 3773074350 Leolovati67@gmail.com

What to bring for the hike

Hiking shoes or hiking boots, water, packed lunch, optional trekking poles, rain and wind protection.