A pleasant spot at 1850 metres between pine and larch trees, a wooden bivouac where we will cook lunch!

Summer is approaching, the desire for the mountains, to climb high up among coniferous forests where the air is pure and crisp… far from the crowds, the splendid Val Tartano, a secret valley in the heart of the Orobie, wild and fascinating.

From the meeting point in Lecco we compact the cars and climb for about 1h to the village of Tartano (1170m), put on our hiking boots and are ready to go! The path starts gently along a stream, then climbs up through the cool forest.

On reaching the Casera Alpe Püstarèsc (1714m) we fetch water for lunch and climb the last 20 minutes to the magnificent Rovedatti bivouac (1850m), a splendid stone and wood construction perfectly set in its natural surroundings. We light up the cheap stove for a well-deserved lunch of spaghetti with sauce! The bivouac offers a dozen beds where you can enjoy a short nap before setting off again.

The return will be on the same path as the outward journey.

Distance to/from
: 7 km

Height difference: +700m

Journey time: 4h

MEETING POINT: 8.30 a.m.: Lecco Parking Ezio Galli

Cost: 25€ includes:

  • excursion with an environmental hiking guide
  • A plate of pasta!
FOR RESERVATIONS and INFO: Gabri tel.328 7745508 mail: cortigabriele@yahoo.com
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