A Botanical Garden at High Altitude

Blooms in the Mughal Valley

A ring-route in the little-visited Mughi valley, among scree, rocks and high-altitude meadows the alpine flora shows itself in all its beauty: pulsatillas, anemones, gentians, perhaps already some rhododendrons, soldanellas and more .

We pass underneath the climbing routes at Zuccone Campelli and climb up to the 2,087 m Corna Grande , which overlooks the Bergamasque Valtorta.

Along the way on what millions of years ago was the bottom of the sea , we can admire the romantic heart-shaped Conchodon fossils (or the devil’s hoof for the darker ones).

So flora, geology, sunshine at high altitude and maybe even some marmot or ch amois whistles (yes, chamois also whistle, albeit in a more ‘breathy’ manner).

DEVELOPMENT: approx. 450 m LENGTH: approx. 6 km DIFFICULTY: mountain paths with some steep sections. LITTLE SHADE LUNCH AL SACCO. EQUIPMENT: Hiking shoes and clothing in layers, hat backpack with full water bottleMEETING POINT

h 8.30 am at the GALLI EZIO car park in via Fiandra 15 in Lecco.

From there with just a few cars in about 30 minutes we reach the pay car park of the cableway to Piani di BobbioCOST: 20 € – EXTRA COSTS: cableway a/r € 15 – RESERVATIONS AND INFO: Leo 3773074350 LeoLovati67@gmail.com. OR JOIN THE WHATSAPP GROUP DIRECTLY BY CLICKING HERE CONDITIONS OF SERVICE, SEE REGULATIONS BELOW: