Get ready for an exciting walk along the Sentiero del Viandante (Wayfarer’s Path), an itinerary steeped in history and which has been an important artery between Milan and Switzerland over the centuries. Together with a mid-mountain guide, you will walk the section of the trail from Abbadia Lariana to Lierna. We will walk along this route, with an enchanting panoramic view of the eastern shore of Lake Como and surrounded by beautiful villages, ancient courtyards and ruins that have much to tell. Along the way, we will encounter small mountain churches, terraces adorned with vineyards and centuries-old olive groves. Stops will offer the opportunity to admire breathtaking landscapes, contemplating the beauty of the surrounding nature and capturing wonderful views.

Programme of the day

From Abbadia Station (9.30am) we reach the start of the Sentiero del Viandante in a few minutes. We walk along it admiring scenic views of the lake and mountains. We reach the Church of San Giorgio (11th century), which stands on a rocky spur, and from here to Maggiana, to the medieval tower known as the tower of Barbarossa. We climb the tower (free offer), home to the Museum of Peasant Art. Packed lunch or at the Locanda dei Bravi in Somana (for those who prefer a packed lunch) and then leisurely walk down to the Lierna railway station, where we take the train back to Abbadia (€1.90).

What to bring for the hike
Hiking shoes or boots, water, packed lunch, optional trekking poles, rain and wind protection.
NB: You will find several fountains along the route where you can fill your water bottle.

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Olcio di Mandello – Sentiero del Viandante
Abbadia Lariana – The Wayfarer’s Path