Distance: about 6 km

Altitude gain: 300m

Walking time: 2h

Start from: Valmadrera (LC)

Difficulty: easy, all along a bridleway, never too steep, walkable even on wet ground.

Of interest: panoramic, large natural  terracing, ’casote’ (ancient stone building used to store milk), agriturismo with farm animals, Serpentine Glacial Erratics, lime furnace.

Leaving form the town of Valmadrera, near Lecco, easy walk up to a large panoramic terracing named San Tomaso (1,3 km, 30/40 minutes),  looking at and learning about ‘casote’ del latte (ancient stone building used to store milk). From San Tomaso we’ll proceed on a bridleway which turns into trail up to  Molinata (20 min.), where we will see Serpentine Glacial Erratics cut by the locals and used to make grindstones or street furniture. Lunch either at the bar or agriturismo (not included in the cost).

Price 20€ per person (minimum 6 people)

for smaller groups we can agree on a fee.