The ‘Viandante’ trail runs along Lake Como’s eastern branch for 45km, all the way from Abbadia (north of Lecco) to Colico. It can be done as a 3/4-day trek, or you can walk each leg of the trail independently, according to the time you have. The towns along the trail are well served by the railway system, so you can easily reach the trailhead of each leg of the journey. The Viandante trail takes you across old hamlets churches, woods, olive groves, castles, charming streams; the view over lake Como can be breathtaking.  There are several B&Bs where you can stay along the journey.

First leg: Abbadia Lariana – Lierna

11 km, Walking Time: 3.30 hours. Altitude gain: + 390 meters

Second leg: Lierna-Varenna

10 km, Walking Time: 4.30 hours. Altitude gain:+ 580 metres (lower route), +732 m (higher route)

Third leg: Varenna – Bellano

9 km, Walking Time: 3.00 hours. Altitude gain: +300m 

Fourth leg: Bellano – Dorio

7 km, Walking Time: 2.30 hours. Altitude gain: + 400 metres

Fifth leg: Dorio – Colico

11 km, Walking Time: 5.00 hours. Altitude gain: + 560 metres

Price: 20€ per person (minimum 6 participants) 

For smaller groups we can arrange a fee.