When the days get really hot, there is nothing better than to seek solace in the very cool pools carved by the streams from our mountains, the peaks of Grigna.

We go walking and … swimming to discover the Meria and Val Mala streams.

Rocks of all shapes and colours worked by water, crystal clear pools, waterfalls and cascades, lush vegetation, a yew forest.

Partly on trail and partly feet in the water we explore this magnificent canyon that rises from the lake then continues to the Era huts and further up.

Ours will be a very “swimming” hike, alternating between ascents in boots and refreshing baths in the cool pools.

Booking/ INFO:  contact Gabri + 39  3287745508  cortigabriele@yahoo.com

or Leo:  + 39 3773074350  Mail: LeoLovati67@gmail.com 


Grotta dell’acqua Bianca Ferrera