It is a neoclassical villa opened in 1796. It hosted Napoleon, Ugo Foscolo and Garibaldi. In 1924, the villa complex was acquired by the City of Como, which hosted the International Exhibition for the centenary of Alessandro Volta’s death, as well as numerous conferences, shows, and art exhibitions. Today used for large art exhibitions FILM: Some scenes from the film “Innamorato pazzo” by Adriano Celentano.


Also known as Villa Celesia. In some documents dating from the 15th century the villa is mentioned under the name Castellazzo. Much frequented by Ugo Foscolo, who had a love affair with Francesca, the owner’s daughter. Today home to cultural and scientific initiatives and a small hostel



Villa Erba -
Built between 1894 and 1898. It is located in the area that once housed a women’s monastery, dedicated to St. Mary, built in the late 11th century Today used as an Exhibition/Congress Center. FILM: Ocean 12 with George Clooney (2004)


Villa D'Este Cernobbio
The Villa d’Este, originally Villa del Garovo, is a Renaissance patrician residence in Cernobbio. Built in 1572. For centuries a residence of the aristocracy – princesses, marquises, sultans and tsars. Since 1873, it’s an elegant and charming five-star resort, a popular destination of Hollywood celebrities and elite billionaires for its ultra-luxurious amenities.



Villa Fontanelle | Lake Como Ville
Built in the first half of the 19th century in the neoclassical style . Since 77 ‘House of Gianni Versace who hosted Madonna, Sting, Elton John, Naomi Campbell, Michael Douglas. Killed in 1997, the mansion now belongs to a Russian millionaire.


Villa Le Rose, It is best known for hosting the well-known statesman Winston Churchill in 1945. Here he recovered top secret documentation in the places where Mussolini and his fleeing court had transited.


Passalacqua hotel como
Passalacqua is an opulent 18th-century aristocrats’ home on the shores of Lake Como that has been transformed into a unique hotel. 24 characterful guest accommodations surrounded by seven acres of landscaped gardens that descend to a private jetty.  It won the title of the world’s best hotel in 2023


Villa Erker Hocevar in Moltrasio
Of 1830 . Composer Vincenzo Bellini lived here where he composed ‘La Straniera,’ ‘La Sonnanbula’ and ‘La Norma.’ In the same villa the Muse guitarist singer made a studio and recorded much of the album ‘The Resistance’



Villa Oleandra
Built in 1720, is a historic Art Nouveau residence on Lake Como in Laglio. In 2002 George Clooney bought the villa from the U.S. family Heinz the “King of Ketchup” for $10 million. Clooney tried unsuccessfully to move to Lierna, seeking more privacy, and by 2015 offers to buy ten times the initial value had already arrived, valuing it at 100 million euros, luxury private villas on Lake Como being rare. MOVIE: Love it or Leave it (2011)


Villa La Punta in Laglio
19th century. Igor Kogan, Putin’s banker, bought Villa La Punta in Laglio, twin to Villa Oleandra in 2009 for 12 million euros, now seeks to sell it. Controversy over taste inconsistent with other villas on the lake. STRAIGHTEST POINT ON THE LAKE: 650m.



Villa Il Balbiano
Fascinating 17th-century villa, located near the mouth of the Perlana stream and directly overlooking Lake Como. Coming from the Regina road, a nymphaeum blooming with blue irises leads to a scenic driveway bordered by boxwood hedges, visible through the gate. For Rent x Weddings Film: The House of Gucci (2021)


Villa La Cassinella - Lake Como Luxury
Restored in the 1920s by engineer Carlo Mantegazza, it can only be reached by water. in fact, more than 100,000 euros a week are charged to rent it. it accommodates about 20 guests. Richard Branson, alleged owner, has denied that it is his.


Villa del Balbianello
The villa was built in 1787 on a pre-existing Franciscan monastery. Since 1988 the villa has belonged to the Fondo Ambiente Italiano. The villa is now home to private events such as weddings, ceremonies and even film or photographic sets. MOVIES: Star Wars Episode 2- Attack of the Clones (2002) 007-Casino Royale (2006)


Villa Pessina - Wikipedia
Villa Eclectica erected in the 1920s on a commission from the Pessina family. The stylistic similarity to the more famous Villa La Gaeta has fueled criticism of plagiarism over time.The villa was built by the same construction company as Villa La Gaeta

Villa La Quiete – Sola Cabiati

Erected in the early 18th century. The villa is managed by Grand Hotel Tremezzo and is not open to the public. The property, in addition to 6 bedrooms with as many bathrooms, also has a wonderful swimming pool with breathtaking views of the surrounding natural environment. It was the residence of the Serbelloni Dukes.

Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Enea Gandola, visiting major European cities, decided to have a structure of the unique elegance built for a new type of sophisticated traveler. In 1910, the Grand Hotel Tremezzo opened.The Belle Époque was a fantastic time to be alive. The jet-set embarked on long journeys overseas in search of art, culture and knowledge, and Lake Como was a favorite destination. The Grand Hotel Tremezzo welcomed nobles, aristocrats and bourgeois, offering everyone incredible views, unique hospitality and all the glamour of the era.


Villa Carlotta in Tremezzo
Carlotta, wife of the Duke of Saxony, received the villa as a gift from her mother x her wedding (1847).Famous both for the art collections preserved inside and for the vast botanical garden that surrounds it, part of the Grandi Giardini Italiani circuit. Construction of the villa, originally named Villa Clerici, was begun in 1690. Today the villa is a museum that includes works by sculptors such as Antonio Canova and Thorvaldsen and painters such as Francesco Hayez.


Villa Margherita is an elegant residence built in 1853 at the behest of music publisher Giulio Ricordi of Milan and in which, according to tradition, Giuseppe Verdi was housed when he composed La Traviata.