Distance: 8km

Altitude gain: 200m

Walking Time: 2h 30m

Trailhead: Caglio Jungle Raider Park

Difficulty: Easy. Doable also on wet ground.

Of interest: Funghi di Terra (rocky mushrooms caused by erosion, see picture)Largest Chestnut wood in the region (up to 300 years old), Animals (fallow deers, Pheasants), Agriturismo Cascina Enco

It can be done either over a full or half day, the trail is by a gently sloped bridleway up to the chestnut woodland  (45m) where we will learn about the tradition of harvesting of the local people; then down to a panoramic point (15m) to watch and learn about the ‘Fungo di Terra (Rocky mushroom), lunch at  Cassina Enco (not included in the cost) where you can taste specialities from the very local area, returning along the same bridleway to the starting point.

Price 20€ per person (minimum 6 people)

for smaller groups we can agree on a fee.