Valle Albano Sommafiume (2)

At the bottom of a valley frequented by deer and wolves the splendid Sommafiume refuge to be run an autonomously. Splitting wood, heating water and guarding this easily accessible paradise. Comfortable walks between the Albano Valley and the Morobbia Valley in Switzerland and at night only the stars. Shared dinner with samplings of local flavors, the Braschino they only make here and a glass of grappa in company. We will fix a meeting place between Como and Dongo to share the journey and ride together the last few miles of dirt road accessible to any car not too …low.

Having the hut as our base, we will explore the surroundings with not too strenuous hiking. About 300/ 400 mt of elevation gain per day. Dinner overnight and breakfast are included. Everyone will have to independently bring something to eat for packed lunch on Saturday and Sunday. A sleeping bag is mandatory for overnight stay and warm clothing is recommended for the evening. It can be cool in mid-September at 1,700 meters above sea level. We will give more detailed information to participants