Pozza Meria

When the days get really hot, there is no better comfort than the cool pools carved by the streams along our mountains. Let’s arm ourselves with a swimsuit and towel and get ready for a rejuvenating dip!

On this hike, we will walk along a loop that skirts the Meria stream to discover deep freshwater pools in which to dive and cool off. The water will be cold, some will be content with a good foot bath, most like to alternate between short ‘full’immersion’ sessions and moments of rest on ‘dry land’.

In addition to the pools we will go to discover the white water cave, grotta dell’acqua bianca also called ‘La Ferriera’ a deep limestone cavern, very high, through which we can walk and penetrate for about 200m.  

Being in Mandello, before returning home those who wish can stop for a swim in Lake Como. 

Grotta dell’acqua Bianca Ferrera